Top Swimwear Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

two-piece swimwear

Summer season is around, and it’s the time to treat yourself with a vacation by a poolside or an excellent beach. So, grab your towel, break out on your sunscreen and your favorite swimwear this summer holiday. Every season the designers are out with new styles and trends that one can choose for the following years too. But, before picking up your favorite swimsuit, it is advisable to put some research on the styles, prints, comfort, brands, etc.

Let us take a sneak peek into the trends that you can pick this year.

Plunge Necklines

If you want to flaunt the poolside glamour then plunging necklines or low-neck swimsuits are in the trend nowadays. This is not only fashionable but also provides excellent support to your bust too. You will find this style mostly in the one-piece swimsuit where the lace details under the bust area not only provides comfort but great fitting and flattering style too. You can pick a vast range of this type of swimwear from Elegant Harmony.


This year many brands have released the sexy two-piece swimsuit in cutout style. Ladies, if you like flaunt your tan lines then this is the best swimwear but make sure to carry your sunscreen too. You can pick the Cutouts in bold colors or floral styles that will add charm to your personality. You can even find this style twist in the one-piece swimwear too.

High-Waist Bottom Swimwear

The high-waist bottom bandwagon is already getting popular amongst the women. The online stores are selling them in amazing hues that perfectly goes with any skin color, retro or striped styles, etc. Even the one-piece also has high-bottom that makes your legs look longer and beautiful at the same time. Many women due to its added comfort and feminist look pick the high-waist bottoms. Although, it is counted under retro style, but it is present in the contemporary look nowadays.

Bows and Knots

This kind of swimsuit typically provides a chic look to the young women. You can flaunt one shoulder bow or knot in the front of your two-piece on the beach. The tiny bows mostly pop up on the shoulders or the side of your bikini bottoms. This gives a cute look to the young ladies who can flaunt this style in grace on the beach. You can pick them in eye-catchy colors or striped prints.

These are some of the swimwear trends that are getting popular in the year 2019. You can pick them from offline or online stores like Voondr.

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